Judge Says Public Nudists Still Can't Be Nude in Public

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San Francisco's nudists' last-ditch effort to drop trou in public has been thwarted again. A federal judge said "hell no" to the nudists' request for a restraining order against the city which would have allowed them to run around sans garments, despite the city's ban on public nudity.

Yesterday, Judge Edward Chen ruled that the motion filed by the activists last week was "lacking in details" and was "lacking in any substantive legal argument in support." Thus, he denied their request, forcing all San Francisco nudists to get dressed.

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Per the judges ruling:

Moreover, even if the Court were to accept the allegations in the application or the amended complaint, many of those allegations are conclusory or lacking in sufficient details. For instance, Plaintiffs claim that, on February 1, 2013, a political rally was held on the steps of City Hall and that Plaintiffs either wrote political slogans on their bodies or carried political signs, but there is no additional information as to what those slogans or signs said or how § 154 interfered with their message.

On Feb. 1, San Francisco's ban on public nudity went into effect, making it illegal to run around without clothes on in most public places. The ban exempts certain festivals, including gay pride, as well as kids 5 years old and younger.

Nudists fought the ban in court -- and lost. Then last week, five prolific nudists filed a new claim against the city and this time the Police Department, claiming the cops violated their free speech and were discriminating because they were targeting nudist events that were only organized by the plaintiffs.

Judge Chen also refused to set a hearing on motion for a preliminary injunction, however, he said the nudists could resubmit their request, but only if it's "properly briefed and supported."

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