Parking Blues: Driver Learns the Colorful Way Not to Park on the Sidewalk

Perhaps you're still reeling (or recovering) from the fact that you now have to pony up for parking on Sundays in San Francisco. But you know what costs even more than a few hours at the meter or a parking ticket? A new paint job on your car.

We always enjoy some good parking drama, which typically comes in the form of passive aggressive notes and a lot of "fuck yous." But when we came across this image on SF Citizen, we, too wondered if the parking tension has taken on a new life in the city.

Dallis Willard
Parking Blues?

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We weren't sure what was happening here, so we contacted the photographer, Dallis Willard, who says he also has no clue if some angry person splashed paint all over this car parked on the sidewalk.

Per Willard:

There was paint on the other side as well, and I thought it made an interesting picture. Because it has a square of clear space on the hood, looks like it was parked under something and the paint fell from above. I don't think it was intentional. Have there been other reports of "Paint Splashing"?

Intentional or not, it's hard to take paint falling from the sky as a good sign. Right?

If it is nothing more than dueling parking pricks, then may we suggest these neighbors borrow a dose of that parking Prozac going around in Bernal Heights?

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Looks like a driveway with an open garage door.

BTW, the white beemer is parked on a red curb


the lack of splatter pattern on the ground, sidewalk or building next to the car dictates logically the paint bomb happened somewhere else. this leaves the driver of the sidewalk parked cadillac just your average douchey, entitled, tw*t that seems to think SF-and all in it-are here just to make way for their specific and all encompassing needs. 

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