Night Owl Horses Try to Trot Up East Bay Freeway Looking for Something to Do

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Screen-grab from KGO
Technically, horses are a mode of transportation
If you ever thought that horses don't have lives of their own, you were wrong.

Two East Bay horses who were hoping to extend their weekend with a little late-night galloping were busted like two teenagers sneaking out in the night.

According to CBS News, the two horses apparently escaped from their pens and made a run for it sometime around 2 a.m. Monday. The horses didn't get too far from home before they were spotted on the Pacheco off-ramp on northbound I-680, where they were reportedly "just hanging out."

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The California Highway Patrol, along with Animal Control and the Sheriff's Department, were asked to come corral the horses from the off-ramp, which was closed down for a bit (!).

There's been no word on how these two steeds got loose, but if their owners are anything like our parents were, then they won't be freely grazing anytime soon.

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