Republicans Hide Birthday Surprise for Nancy Pelosi in Online Card

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Not only is today special for gays across the nation, but it's also darn special for our very own Nancy Pelosi who is turning 73 today.

So while liberals (and even some conservatives) are completely focused on the gay marriage hearings that kicked off this morning, a legion of hardcore Nancy-hating Republicans have channeled their energy into finding Pelosi the perfect party gift.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has designed its own birthday greeting card for Pelosi, which you can sign and seal yourself.

Of course, you won't actually know what you're signing, until you sign it. Isn't that how it always works? Once you type a birthday greeting to Pelosi -- as well as your personal information -- the birthday surprise is revealed:

Republicans with another trick up their sleeve

After viewing this,'s Matthew Yglesias was stumped. He detailed on the site all of the great things about San Francisco, noting that the only thing wrong with San Francisco is there is not more of it. He then asks the burning question: Why do Republicans hate San Francisco so much?

The answer: Because we won't stop until gay marriage is legal.

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