Muni "Jihad" Ads on High-Visibility Bus Lines

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Osama bin Bus...
Repeat business is usually a good sign, but Muni doesn't seem to be enjoying its second go-round as rolling billboards for the American Freedom Defense Initiative.

Readers may have noticed the Osama bin Bus motoring around the city this week and stridently pro-Israel ads on buses last year. Muni claims it must take these paid ads from anti-Muslim extremists or end up on the losing side of a First Amendment case -- as New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority did last year.

A source within Muni tells SF Weekly you can today enjoy the ads on the 16X, 31BX, 52, and 108 lines. The 16X and 31BX run along Market Street, and the 108 runs on the Bay Bridge. All of the buses emblazoned with the ads are running out of Muni's Woods yard.

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"Defeat Jihad" Ads on Muni Buses
The ads, meanwhile, present the rare win-win-win for the city, its Human Rights Commission, and the American Freedom Defense Initiative.

City politicians get to decry over-the-top, "Islamophobic" ads, the AFDI gets tons of free publicity (and the satisfaction of suing a big-city public agency if it's denied the adspace), and the Human Rights Commission gets all the money from these ads -- $8,800 so far -- to "create a community and collaborate with the faith-based community to develop an awareness campaign against bigotry and intolerance."

That's right -- they get to create an awareness campaign against the bigoted ads funding the awareness campaign.

The only one not getting anything out of this deal is Muni. Same as it ever was.

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rmajora topcommenter

Still like to know where the "bigotry" is in these ads, since violent jihad is a reality all over the world.

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