Muni Bus Is Still Sitting in Nevada

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Another late-leaving Muni bus...
Late last year, SF Weekly reported on a bus-out-of-local waters story. Motorists heading through the remote locale of Wadsworth, Nev. were greeted by the counter-intuitive sight of an orange-and-white, 60-foot articulated Muni bus laid up on the side of the road.

They still are.

Carmen Tobey, the proprietor of Smith & Tobey Towing, confirms that the hulking former municipal vehicle is sitting upon his property at this very moment.

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Muni Bus Remains in Nevada

"Yeah, it's still here," he confirms. And it figures to be that way until at least the end of the month.

Tobey has described the bus' undisclosed owner as "a San Francisco guy" who had the vehicle towed to its current spot shortly after Burning Man in September of last year. While the disabled former Muni coach was originally supposed to be moved within 30 days of then, that deadline lapsed, the owner asked for an extension -- and that lapsed, too.

As it stands, Tobey says the bus' rent is paid up until April: "His mechanic has been over there," says the patient landlord. "It is drivable."

Asked what's the monthly rent for stowing a Muni bus on a towing yard located within Paiute Indian land, Tobey demurs. Asked if it's into four digits, however, he says "It's way less than that. I'm trying to help."

This figures to be the last round of rent for wayward Bus No. 6090, a former 14-Mission Muni claims was sold to an unknown private owner in the late 1980s. And, for his part, Tobey says he's enjoyed hosting it.

"You can't not look at it, and when people look over here, they see my sign," he says. "I'll miss it when it leaves."

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Interesting! I was also hit by Muni when I was riding my skateboard on 30th and Mission a few years back.

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