Mini Mini Cooper Parked Illegally in Lower Haight

We believe we might have located the proud owner/renter of the teeny tiny tree house in Golden Gate Park.

We spotted this lil' Mini over the weekend on Fillmore and Haight and couldn't resist snapping a shot of its adorableness, which included a giant speedometer, just like a regular Mini.

Joe Eskenazi
Will probably get a teeny tiny parking ticket soon enough

Alas, the Mini Cooper does get more compact.

Also, being seasoned San Francisco drivers ourselves, we noticed that this small driver is parked in a red zone and has his wheels curbed the wrong direction. Get used to parking in S.F., kid.

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Steve Matias
Steve Matias

I'll be by to ticket it in a few.... I have my mini tickets ready

Alice Wonderworld
Alice Wonderworld

This is what happens when you make designer clothes for toddlers.

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