Here Are the Best Michelle Shocked Anti-Gay Tweets

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What's not shocking is that she is from Texas
Michelle Shocked's anti-gay performance at Yoshi's last night has certainly revived the folk singer's fame, and not in a good way.

Folk fanatics have been convulsing with anger today after reading reports that Shocked -- who is a born-again Christian (also kinda shocking!) -- told the audience that "God hates fags." It was about this time that majority of the crowd walked out; Shocked staff at Yoshi's cut her mic, turned on the lights, and informed everyone the show was over.

God only knows (!) what she was thinking making this declaration in San Francisco where the only things encouraged to stay in the closet are anti-gay sentiments. Of course, fans quickly became proud critics, venting on Twitter about their new found disdain for the "The most sophisticated hillbilly you'll ever meet."

Here's some of our personal favorite anti-Michelle Shocked moments on Twitter:


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Daniel Radosh: best tweet!


What I find funny is that from the quotes I've read about what she said she never said that "God hates fags".  If what I read was accurate she said that it would be said that she said "God hates fags".  Maybe I read an inaccurate quote but I dunno.  I find it interesting how the liberals are always telling us to have an "open mind" but when we have a differing opinion we are called whatever names/insults that can be conjured up.  It seems like liberals are the most intolerant people around, or at least as intolerant they claim christians and conservatives to be.

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

Hooray for Michelle ! Many of us are fed up of the endless homosexual agit-prop under the misleading 'gay' label.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

... God Hates Figs! -- Matthew 21:18-19

Geoff Nino
Geoff Nino

I'm shocked anyone bought tix to see this show.

Berrak Bora
Berrak Bora

It sucks when people with real talent and artistic potential fall victim to fanatic ideologies and brainwashing by opportunistic leaders of bogus movements in the name of a made-up, so-called "God" that seems to feed on and be fueled by hate! If God is all powerful the way religious people often loudly claim he/she/it is, why would he bother with Hate when he's the one that made you the way you are? I'm sorry, but I'm not on board with a God that can hate his own creations, no matter what their sexual orientation or their thoughts on abortion...

red.marcy.rand topcommenter

@ubicomp @red.marcy.rand Never heard of her before but she's right on the money on homosexuals. You don't have to go back to irrelevance because you were never relevant.

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