Here's Your Chance to Surf a 14-Foot Wave Through the Civic Center

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This could be you!
Have you always wanted to ride the big-ass waves at the Mavericks, but were too afraid of killing yourself out there? Now is your chance to suck it up and surf like the rest of those cool dudes.

On March 22, head down to the city's UN Plaza where there will be a mega wave for all you wannabe surfers out there. Don't bother bringing a board and don't worry about wiping out or being taken down by a shark -- the 14-foot wave is as fake as the movie Jaws.

The environmentally conscious people at the Dopper Foundation have built a 14-foot wave using 6,000 single-use plastic water bottles hoping that maybe, just maybe, it will get you to reconsider your bottled-water habits.

Hop on the surf board melded to the bottom of this impostor wave and get your photo taken. A video will also be made to make it look like you're actually riding the wave, even if that wave doesn't look real.

But the surfing event is less about building your water confidence and more about pointing out the unearthly effect you're having on our oceans. In the United States, people toss 6,000 single-use bottles every four seconds, of which, less than 20 percent is recycled, according to the group.

The rest goes to landfill and directly into our oceans where its sole purpose is to kill sea life, including all those sharks who cut you a break that day at the beach.

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