Rebel Surfers to Break Into Martin's Beach Today and Maybe Surf

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Pretty ... pretty closed
Update March 15: Good news from Martin's Beach. Lee Houskeeper, spokesman for the surfers, reports the following:

"Four squad cars from the San Mateo Sheriffs drove up when [former Congressman] Pete McCloskey jumped over the electric gate covered with "private" "no trespassing" signs. They informed McCloskey that they were there to escort the congressman and the dozen surfers he was leading past billionaire Vinod Khosla's private Blackwater type security force of 5 or 6 visible armed guys with radios from Oakland's Golden Gate Security. They sheriff's told over a dozen reporters that they would not arrest anyone for using the only access to martin's beach until the Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy lawsuit on behalf of Surfriders was settled. The surfers and Pete spent over two hours at the beach and then went to Duartes in Pescadero for lunch to celebrate their victory."

Original story March 14: Keeping a surfer away from the water is like trying to keep a hungry shark away from a pool of blood.

That's why a group of activist surfers (yes, there is such thing) this morning is planning to bust through the locked gates at Martin's Beach to access the popular stretch of sand and water which was sold and closed to the public in 2008.

"This is an outrage that the people can be shut out of this beautiful place that I have enjoyed since 1948 just because some billionaire wants to own his own beach," said former Republican Rep. Pete McCloskey, who is planning to lead the surfers in this illegal action.

The disgruntled surfers will march past the locked gates down the very private Martin's Beach Road, which the suit calls "the traditional and only beach access route," and demand the owners tear down the electric gate, open the beach to everyone, and stop arresting beach bums.

Oh, and they would really appreciate it if they'd go ahead and replace the public toilets that were razed.

The protest comes two days after a lawsuit was filed against Martin's Beach 1 and 2, LLC, which claims that "owners failed to obtain a coastal development permit for the new gates and restrictive signs that prevent the public from accessing Martin's Beach Road, in direct violation of the California Coastal Act."

Stay tuned as this oceanfront issue unfolds.

Also, watch this historic video on Martin's Beach:

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