Man Apparently Crushed by Elevator at Montgomery BART Station

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An unidentified man was found dead inside the elevator shaft at the Montgomery BART station Sunday night.

According to BART police, the cops were called to the station at about 9:35 p.m. on reports of a person stuck in the elevator; BART employees managed to get the man out of the elevator, however, after hearing the man's story, officials called for an ambulance.

According to press reports, the man said he was riding the elevator when he heard a "yelp and a crunching sound" before the elevator came to an abrupt stop.

When fire crews went inside the elevator shaft to investigate, they spotted a deceased man in the shaft. Some personal items were found on top of the elevator, however, police aren't sure yet if they belonged to the victim.

Police are also unsure as to how the man got there and how long he had been inside the shaft before he died. BART Lt. John Conneely told reporters: "It appears he may have been sleeping atop the elevator and was crushed."

Trains continued running on time.

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c'mon there is no need in shelters for homeless, it's homeless, who need to find a job and move somewhere they can afford

Bonnie Blake
Bonnie Blake

The night are still cold-maybe SF needs more shelters for the homeless.

Stan James
Stan James

Come on...bad place to camp out. He didn't have to be there! There are shelters for the homeless.


@Bonnie Blake

I think there is more going on than just a cold evening in this case.

People who are homeless regularly come into the BART stations to sleep when the nights are cold because the areas are well-heated, but none of these people attempt to break into an elevator shaft.

Not only are the elevator shafts not heated and I assume not particularly comfortable, even compared to a bench or the floor of the subway station, but as illustrated in this sad case, they are very dangerous places to be.

My assumption is that the unidentified man was mentally ill and not aware of the dangerous position he was in.  It is not particularly easy to get into the elevator shafts, but hopefully they can figure out a way to make them even more secure so no one else is able to gain access, aside from authorized BART employees and outside contractors.

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