Local Pigeon Bathes Just Like a Mission Hipster

Remember when Newt Gingrich bagged on the Occupy movement for their questionable hygiene habits? But what would Newt think of this stinky San Francisco pigeon who's mastered his own unsanitary regimen?

Shot by SF Weekly's former art director Andrew Nilsen, this ballsy pigeon went rogue and instead of hitting up a bird bath or a puddle or something more appropriate for birds, he/she decided to have a quick dip in a public dog bowl outside the Dolores Park Cafe.

Andrew "the shit" Nilsen
Instagram makes pigeons look prettier than they are

Pigeons are gross and so are dogs' tongues. So really, what's more filthy than a dirty pigeon rinsing itself in a dog bowl where God knows how many slobbering hounds have been?

Take the weekend to think about it.

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Dogs mouths are actually relatively clean, I'll concede the point in the pigeons case. 

Jeremy Lightell
Jeremy Lightell

Mer. Stinky birds and dogs. Mer. This weekend is bullshit. Mer. Mer.

Rio KV
Rio KV

That was kind of a very insignificant article.

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