"Islamophobic" Muni Ads Are Back on Buses

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Last year Muni came under fire, not only for being perpetually broke and late, but also for trying to plug some of its budget woes with pro-Israeli advertisements that suggested Palestinians were savages.

At the time, Muni, which has a policy against running political ads on its buses, defended its decision, claiming that the ads weren't political. Of course, that statement in itself officially made the issue a topic for political debate in San Francisco.

After a few weeks of (political) bickering and guerrilla-style makeovers of the ads, they were taken down, and people went back to hating Muni only for being late and running over people.

Now, some similarly offensive ads, which includes images of the late Osama bin Laden and the World Trade Center in flames, are making rounds again in San Francisco -- and from what we understand, city officials are not pleased.

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In fact, they plan to host a press conference outside City Hall today to denounce Muni's "Islamophobic and racist advertisements" which are being paid for by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. The anti-Islam group has paid Muni to run 10 ads on buses for four weeks.

The new ads, which are scheduled to run on Muni buses today, "wrongly suggest that all Muslims are defined by extremism and violence," according to the District Attorney's Office, which is one of the many city departments in opposition to the ads.

Paul Rose, spokesman for Muni, says that the agency doesn't support the content of the new ads, yet isn't about to let itself get sued by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. "We don't believe it's right to use public money to litigate over the FDI's First Amendment rights," Rose said. "As a city agency the MTA's job is to provide safe and reliable transportation to the public."

Rose reiterated that the agency's policy against political ads specifically refers to local elections, including candidates and ballot measures.

Supervisor David Chiu says he will introduce a resolution at tomorrow's board meeting, condemning the anti-Arab and Anti-Muslim advertisements. If passed, the non-binding resolution won't mean anything, except that it will put the Board of Supervisors on record that, while they do support Muni financially, they don't support these ads.

Rose called back to inform us that Muni will be donating the ad revenue to the Human Rights Commission -- all $5,000 of it.

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of the seven countries that impose the death penalty for gays all are islamic countries.  islam is now the second largest religion in france and in england, the third largest religion in ireland.  maybe san francisco's liberals should not be so tolerant of a belief system that has zero tolerance for san francisco liberals.  

rmajora topcommenter

You've learned nothing from last year's kerfuffle. Those ads quote specific Islamic extremists on violent Jihad and don't refer to all Moslems at all. Islamists are responsible for almost all the religious violence in the world against other religions---and against the US and US interests all around the world. How is it bigotry to point that out? The problem is that darn First Amendment allows people to say things that make clueless SF progressives uncomfortable. What were the Founders thinking?


And we the people paid for the fuckin ads

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