Here's How Cuddling Can Save Your Life

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Two tigers lowering their blood pressure
Screw exercise, researchers have found a lazy way to improve your health: Cuddling.

That's right, nestling up next to someone -- anyone -- will not only make you feel loved, but will lower your blood pressure, your heart rate, and generally do away with all that yucky stress, according to researchers at the Metropolitan University in England.

Sadly, those same nuzzle scientists reportedly found a third of the population receive no hugs on a daily basis, yet 75 percent would like fill their week with more caressing and cradling.

So what if you are one of those sad people hungry for more snuggles from your dog or spooning from your spouse? Obviously, it's time for you to get some cuddle therapy. Good thing you live in the Bay Area where cuddle parties are becoming strangely normal.

As CBS points out, Travis Sigley, a cuddle expert, runs his own local business where people in need of that sweet human touch can get it in one-on-one sessions or in larger workshops. At cuddle parties he hosts, strangers get together and snuggle up in a non sexual way -- no nudity, no inappropriate advances, and definitely no sex.

The end result is one big cuddle puddle.

"I can remember when yoga was some kind of far out exotic thing in America that nobody did or you had to go to India. What is funny is yoga got turned from this mystically, exotic thing into something you can do at lunch time for $10," James Anthony, a local cuddler, told CBS News.

So stop trying to get healthy at the gym. Cancel that membership, save some cash, and go nestle up with your wife (or your pillow) on the couch.

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