10 Ways to Refer to the Hells Angels Other Than an "Outlaw Gang"

Hells Angels are so much more than just an outlaw gang
By Metal Cowgirl

A Nevada judge is putting her foot down in a San Francisco Hells Angels murder case, telling attorneys that they are no longer allowed to refer to the group as an outlaw gang or a motorcycle club, fearing they would not get the fair trial they deserve.

But because the Angels pride themselves on being an outlaw gang, it almost seems it would be unfair to refer to them as anything else. But alas, the judge rules, so here's some synonyms for those unfortunate attorneys who are surely wracking their brains right about now:

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  • Knights of the Buffet

  • Leather-Clad body-hair farmers

  • Hefty bags on top of motorbikes

  • Son of bitches on bikes

  • The original Mission hipsters

  • People you probably definitely shouldn't mess with

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They were the original 1 percenters back when it meant something very different.

Evan Rusackas
Evan Rusackas

"Motorcycle club" sounded innocuous and accurate enough, what's wrong with that?

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