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Heather Donahue
Believe it or not, the term "marijuana business" is still a fresh one for vast swaths of our populace, even in a San Francisco where cash has been exchanged for cannabis -- with the state taking a cut via taxes -- for years.

And it's a sensitive one, too -- look no further than the fact that no sitting city politician would agree to be on a panel discussion of "The Business of Cannabis in San Francisco" scheduled for tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. Business is good, except when it's cannabusiness, apparently.

But author Heather Donahue, known for her role in The Blair Witch Project? She'll be there, as will a cannabis policy wonk and an expert on pot botany.

You should be there, too -- and you should be bringing questions, about what Sacramento should do to regulate, about what San Francisco should do to allow the industry to grow (or to cut it back).

It all goes down at 6:30 p.m on Thursday -- as in tomorrow. So make some plans at the offices of SPUR at 645 Mission Street. There is no cost. As in it's free.

We hear several sitting San Francisco politicians who deal with medical cannabis dispensaries in their districts were invited, but are unable to attend. So instead the panel consists of the aforementioned Ms. Donahue, who wrote about her experiences working in the Emerald Triangle in Growgirl.

Stephanie Tucker, who served as a legislative aide at City Hall and as a point person for the city's short-lived Medical Cannabis Task Force, and Matthew Cote, publisher of Cannabis Times magazine and an expert on cannabis pharmacology (as in, he can tell you what a strain that smells like, say, oranges will do for your anxiety or your depression).

And we'll be there, too -- talking taxes, permitting, and all the boring side of the business of medical marijuana. Send questions to, and RSVP to

See you there.

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Thanks to the "business" the poorest, the neediest, those who really need the weed, CAN'T AFFORD IT.  Because the revenuers are taking so much from the clubs, they can't afford the support services and free weed that used to be common.  Now, clubs say they "donate" but they give out very little to only a few chosen "needy" and it's usually stuff they couldn't sell.  Brownie Mary needs to return to SF and bitchslap those greedy drug dealers and politicians.  BTW, it's technically FEDERAL RACKETEERING for any elected or appointed officials to receive any revenues in any form from the clubs.  Wonder why the Feds ain't going after them?  Imagine if Al Capone had tried this in Illinois, don't think Elliot Ness would have fallen for such a scam. 

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