Lowell High School Students Petition S.F. for Stop Sign Where 17-Year-Old Hanren Chang Was Killed

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Hanren Chang
After losing a dear friend over the weekend, students at Lowell High School have started a petition, asking city supervisors to install a stop sign or traffic yield sign at the intersection where 17-year-old Hanren Chang was struck by an alleged drunk driver.

Per the petition, which is directed to Supervisor Norman Yee and the SFMTA:

Despite Sloat Avenue having crosswalks, drivers often speed and fail to yield to pedestrians or other drivers. Many pedestrians and drivers have been injured or killed due to reckless drivers. Early March of 2013, a seventeen-year-old girl's life was taken while walking home. In November of 2011, three were injured as another car crashed into them, and another person was killed in January of 2009. Drivers on Sloat tend to go over the speed limit, and stop signs or additional traffic lights would reduce the amount of time drivers spend at high speeds.

So far, the petition has garnered 2,181 signatures as of this morning, mostly from friends, but also some strangers decided it was time to see safety improvements at that intersection.

Here's what some of the petitioners had to say:


On Saturday, Chang, a junior at Lowell High School, was out celebrating her birthday when she got off the bus and was walking across Sloat Boulevard where she was hit by 29-year-old Kieran Brewer, police say. He was arrested on the scene and charged with felony DUI and vehicular manslaughter. He is expected to appear in court today.

The busy intersection is well-known as one of the city's most dangerous, having no stop lights or signs. That's why her friends, including Anyan Cheng, started this campaign.

"It would mean everything if you can pass this on and share this campaign," Cheng wrote in an e-mail.

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