Family Feud Auditions for San Francisco Families

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Survey says!
A thought: Is the "XXX" that flashes across the screen when a Family Feud competitor fails a reference to moonshine jugs apropos of the McCoys and Hatfields we envision as engaging in family feuds?

Perhaps that's overthinking it. And overthinking is the one thing you don't want to do when competing on the game show Family Feud -- which doesn't require knowledge from its contestants but a keen sense of how a survey of average Americans would answer the questions. (So if the query is "what's your favorite color?" you'd be ill-served to answer "puce.").

If a local family wants to pass a question to the Family Feud powers-that-be about the moonshine, we'd welcome it. And local families are being sought for the show -- Bay Area tryouts have been announced on this stunningly vintage 1993 webpage for March 16 and 17. The time and place are not listed -- though an e-mail we received mentions South San Francisco. It seems interested families must score an appointment time by dialing (323) 762-8467 or e-mailing

Of course, this prompts the question of what constitutes a family.

Upon dialing the aforementioned number, one is informed that a team is composed of five family members and "a team must be related by blood, marriage, or legal adoption."

That leaves open some very Bay Area possibilities. Sadly, the blood relative bit also eliminates some very Bay Area possibilities:

  • Nudists vs. Scott Wiener and staff;
  • Public Defender vs. District Attorneys;
  • iPhone users vs. Android users;
  • Cyclists vs. everybody else;
  • Hipsters vs. everybody else;
  • Public health inspectors vs. unlicensed bacon-wrapped hot dog street vendors;
  • Guardian editorial vs. SF Weekly editorial

And, finally, because it's Friday and you deserve it, here's the greatest game show clip yet:

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