Are You Ready for Facebook's Latest Annoying Makeover? We Didn't Think So

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We're waiting for this Facebook update
Just when we all got settled into the new timelines Facebook forced on us last year, the social media monster is making even more changes that'll undoubtedly create some social stress for your virtual self.

The press is already getting users riled up with reports that Facebook will unveil its new News Feed page, although details on what that might look like are nothing more than speculation at this point. But from what we've read and heard, users can expect to see even more photos -- and bigger ones popping up in their streaming community.

No doubt this change is less for us and more for advertisers; in January Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, told financial analysts that advertisers wanted to include bigger photos and videos in their messages. However, he said, Facebook has held off on selling those ads because it doesn't want them to look jarringly different from the content that's posted by users.

"We want to make News Feed richer," Zuckerberg said at the time. By allowing users to post more of that content, he added, Facebook will be able to give advertisers just what they are wanting.

The company is expected to summon the press next week to show off its new look that will once again be forced on us come Thursday.

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Alice Wonderworld
Alice Wonderworld

Wonder how many will realize that they're hearing MORE from advertisers than "friends" or vital interests (especially since "friends" can screen you out, but you can't as easily screen out advertisers)...pretty dismal.

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