Bottled Water Ban: Three-Year-Old Idea Uncorked Again

No longer welcome on city property
If Supervisor David Chiu had his way, you wouldn't be able to look him up in the phone book and call to complain about his proposal to ban bottled water sales on city land.

The Board President's plan to cease mandated deliveries of towering piles of Yellow Pages to serve as ad hoc obstacles to home and apartment doors was withdrawn following a Federal Court setback for a similar plan in Seattle. If Chiu's new quest to curtail bottled water sales on city property -- including at festivals like Outside Lands -- is successful, he'll have earned a victory where others before him could not.

Readers may recall a similar ban being proposed in 2010 -- but the proposal never made it past being just that: a proposal.

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"Think Outside the Bottle"

That earlier ban idea apparently never made it past being discussion fodder at the Environment Commission. Chiu's legislative aide Judson True says he hopes this ordinance would be ready to introduce to the Board by late April.

Erstwhile Mayor Gavin Newsom famously signed a 2007 executive order preventing the city from buying bottled water (we are contractually obligated to note that this move was primarily the brainchild of former supervisor and Public Utilities Commission head Susan Leal, whom Newsom later fired). Chiu's potential legislation would codify existing rules to strengthen the ban.

Seltzer- and soda-lovers note: True says the ban will only cover uncarbonated water. Future concert-goers unamused by the idea  of lining up to buy a cup, then lining up again to fill it might want to invest in a hip flask.

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