David Campos Adjusting to New, Smaller Role

David Campos 2008.jpg
David Campos before...
Supervisor David Campos isn't likely to sneak up on anybody -- the ubiquitous sound of a Diet Coke can being popped announces his presence in City Hall well before he makes a corporeal  appearance.

But, when it comes to Campos' corporeal appearance, he's now quite a bit lighter on his feet and able, theoretically, to move stealthily. Forty pounds lighter, by his estimation.

The weight loss, which Campos says has taken place gradually over around three years, becomes apparent when newspapers run his 2008 freshman year supes picture.

David Campos 2012.jpg
...and after. It's no Mike Huckabee, but pretty impressive!
Some papers have, diplomatically, asked him for a "more recent photo," while others he's had to ask, diplomatically, to use a more recent photo.

Campos said there was no single incident spurring him to "watch what I eat and go to the gym." His mother and family didn't needle him -- "I think they were being nice." He says he simply wanted to "feel better" and "have more energy." So far, so good.

The four Diet Cokes a day -- his estimate -- may or may not be a good thing. But everyone's gotta have something.

The Mission supe says he gained 25 pounds in '08 running for office thanks to stress and endless campaign events featuring food you shouldn't eat every night (but do if it's your campaign). He still makes sure to keep chocolate in his office at all times -- one of City Hall's late-night janitors is a chocaholic -- but also makes sure to dip into the supply less often.

Most importantly, Campos has no words of wisdom for Pablo Sandoval. "I am the last person to give any advice."

More Diet Coke, perhaps?

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