Chron Employees to Protest Today With Well-Deserved 15-Minute Break

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Facebook/ Friends of the San Francisco Chronicle Guild
Believe it or not, reporters are people, too
Technically, Chron workers will walk out today, but it's not a walkout, per se. As SFist reports, the union is staging a quiet yet visible protest this afternoon, hoping to draw even more attention to their ongoing health care squabble.

At 3:15 p.m. sharp, the workers over at 5th and Mission streets will take (probably for the first time ever) their entitled 15-minute breaks and leave the office to have a healthy jaunt around the Hearst building. You will know it's them because they'll probably be donning all red and perhaps looking a little more pissed-off than usual.

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On Monday, Friends of the San Francisco Chronicle Guild launched a social media campaign, with reporters tweeting and retweeting about the ongoing negotiations with Hearst Corp. A petition was also started, telling the newspaper company that they've had enough. As of now, 297 people had signed the petition.

The Twitter campaign kicked off right after the newspaper created its hard paywall, where readers will now be charged $14.99 monthly for "premium" content. According to the union, reporters and editors are being asked to increase their work loads online and in the print publication to accommodate this new paywall system.

In any event, a 15-minute walk is certainly a good start to any discussions over health care costs, assuming that stroll doesn't include a smoke break.

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