East Bay Teacher Ties Up Toddler Who Refused to Nap, Takes a Photo

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For better or worse
You'll be hard-pressed to find any adult who'll say nap time isn't important. But apparently over at the Centerpointe Christian preschool in Pleasanton, mid-day siestas are non-negotiable.

We hopped right on the bandwagon of appalled people this morning after reading the news of a preschool teacher who tied a toddler's wrists and ankles with masking tape, then made her sit on a cot as she took a photograph.

The incident was never made public until recently when the teacher whipped out her cellphone to show two other teachers the image of what would become a not-so-proud moment. One of those teachers just so happened to be the mother of the two-year-old girl tied up, according to press reports.

Now the state is investigating this "shocking" incident after police reported it to social services. Meanwhile, the school staff is holding a meeting tonight with parents, who undoubtedly have a few things to get off their chest.

"We are cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation and the legal outcome is unknown," Tim Hunt, a church elder, said in a statement Monday. "We want to be very clear that no currently employed staff were involved in this incident. The former preschool director had no knowledge of this event until we informed him after we were notified."

Apparently, this particular school has been on a roll as of late; According to the Contra Costa Times, the school received four other Class A violations in the five months before the tied-up toddler complaint was filed Thursday. In two of those violations, teachers were busted leaving out bottles with a bleach solution in it. The other two instances involved "improper supervision of children in two classrooms."

Corrective action was taken in each instance and staff received additional training. Regular preschool operations will resume March 20.

Public school isn't seeming so bad after all, is it?

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Where's the goddamed picture? I feel jipped.


I think this could best be described as the teacher who deserves the Idiot of the week award, coupled with a caption that reads: Positive outcomes of individuals who possess insensitive, inappropriate, narcissistic behavior.


Lol teachers are fucked up. They hire anyone off the streets! They rape kids abuse kids. What a shame!!!

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