Brits Use Scratch n Sniff Cards to Teach Residents How to Detect Pot Farms

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And Bob's Your Uncle
You think Obama's heavy-handed for unleashing his people on our pot clubs? Well, at least he's not turning your neighbors into a bunch of narcs.

Over in the land of tea and crumpets, cops are ramping-up their campaign against marijuana, and let's just say it's much different than our campaign against marijuana.

Rather than conduct routine drug stings, the bobbies there have mailed out scratch n sniff cards to presumably law-abiding residents to give them a clear understanding of what pot smells like. The hope is that after getting a whiff of the scent, the English folks will be able to sniff out the useless knobs growing pot right under their noses.

That ought to give them something else to talk about besides the weather.

Apparently, pot growing is a growing industry over there; in the last two years, cops say there's been a 15 percent increase in the number of cannabis farms -- and they don't like it.

Crimestoppers' director of operations, Roger Critchell told the Guardian that they are distributing scratch and sniff cards because "not many people know how to recognise the signs of cannabis cultivation happening in their neighbourhood. Many are also not familiar with the established links between this crime and serious organised crime."

The crimestoppers folks did make a point to say that the cards were not laced with THC, which means all those British housewives will be sniffing a mere rip off of the real thing. Bloody Hell!

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Terry Rose

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