Your iPhone Can Now Tell You If You Are Too Wasted to Drive

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Left his phone at home
You know those evenings when you have a few cocktails to blow off whatever happened at work that day and whatever is to come when you get home? The problem is that amid the light conversation and lamenting, you seem to lose track of how many beers you were drinking.

Alas, your cellphone is about to save your life (and ours).

A Bay Area company has unveiled a new cellphone breathometer that will help your stupid drunken self decide if you have had one too many drinks to drive. All you have to do is connect the device to your iPhone or Android via the audio jack (do this before you start drinking) and blow.

Your new Friday night partner in crime will (securely) track your drinking activity thus making sure your blood alcohol concentration stays within the legal driving limits. What's more, It will remember your past results so you'll know if that pizza binge on Haight Street allowed you enough time for your intoxication to dissipate.

The company says it has initiated a fundraising campaign, hoping you and your alcoholic friends can help.

Per the company:

We've been developing the smartphone breathalyzer for the past 6 months now and are at a stage where we need your help. The Breathometer device that you see in the video is a real, working prototype but innovation is costly.While we're close to entering production, your support will help fund: • Production tooling • 
Large component order • Support marketing efforts and raise awareness

So far, they've raised just under $18,000, climbing closer to their goal of $25,000. We'll drink to that, since we'll be taking public transit tonight.

H/T: SF Business Times

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