Bike Coalition Rewards Polite Cyclists With Chocolate Bars and a Vacation

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Jim Herd
The blind optimist
With all the animosity between cyclists and drivers and cyclists and pedestrians (and pedestrians and drivers for that matter), the Bike Coalition thought now might be a good time to try to sweet talk our two-wheeled friends into being a little, well, sweeter on the road.

And what's sweeter than sugar and cash?

The group will be kind-heartedly watching cyclists pedal through San Francisco to observe how well-behaved they are. In other words, are they blowing stop signs and traffic lights? Are they speeding? Are they flipping off the driver next to them?

During this spot check, any cyclist busted being "polite," will get: 1. chocolate bars, and 2. the chance to win a get-away vacation at the Bear Valley Inn.

And if you aren't riding like Mr. Rogers, then what do you get?

Not a chocolate coma, but probably not a traffic ticket either.

So here's why the Bike Coalition is trying to sugar coat the city's transportation tensions:

We know that the majority of people biking in San Francisco are biking politely, and giving pedestrians the right of way. So we at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition wanted to say thank you! Thank you for following the law, being a great bicycle ambassador and leading the way in safe, civil streets. Stopping behind the crosswalk and giving pedestrians the right of way keeps people who are on foot safe and goes a long way to making our streets safer and more comfortable for everyone.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition will be giving out delicious treats for those we catch biking polite. If you "got caught" by us, enter your information and ticket number below and you'll be entered for a chance to win a great getaway at the Bear Valley Inn. Thanks to Alter Eco for donating the delicious chocolate rewards!

Anyway, if you are commuting cordial enough to score one of those chocolate bars, don't forget to enter your name in the Bike Coalition's vacation raffle.


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Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown

Thank you!! As a cyclist I get very upset watching others plow through crosswalks (& the peds in them!) all morning long. About time someone did something!!

Robert E.M. Sohnrey
Robert E.M. Sohnrey

All should stop, they are vehicles and thereby should abide by the California Vehicle Codes.

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