Benefit Cosmetics Thieves: You've Been Smearing Glue and Dust on Your Faces

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What did you just put on your face!
One of the benefits SF Weekly has enjoyed being housed in a deeee-luxe apartment in the sky is noticing that every last guy working for the kiddie TV network a few floors down wears Coke bottle glasses and Chuck Taylor low-tops. Perhaps it's in their contract.

The other is interoffice memos like the following. The good folks at Benefit Cosmetics do their thing on the 20th floor of our FiDi building. And, in a problem they wouldn't have if they were Benefit Gastroenterology or Benefit Synthetic Cheeses, it seems building tenants have been helping themselves to the demonstration products featured in the company's anteroom.

There are two reasons you shouldn't be doing this. First, you're stealing their display items -- and that's fairly obvious because some of this stuff is glued down. Second, this merchandise has been exposed to the aforementioned glue and a good deal of dust and is no longer prime material for slathering onto one's face and deep within one's pores.

Here are the good parts of the memo:

It was brought to our attention that the Benefit Cosmetics 20th floor lobby counter fixture area has become a touch up station for other tenants.  Benefit has asked Property Management to inform the building tenants that the cosmetics in their main lobby are for display purposes only and not intended for testing.  Their main lobby is designed to present guests with their store counter visual display and serves as a branding fixture.

Some of the cosmetics have been glued down to discourage borrowing of items. Additionally, due to dust that may form in the lobby, the displayed cosmetics are not sanitary so they highly discourage testing.

Benefit Cosmetics welcomes guests to visit their floor and see all the new products on display.

Look but don't touch, please. And certainly don't eat the makeup. Those visiting SF Weekly three floors below, meanwhile, are welcome to help themselves to a copy of this paper. Please refrain from rubbing it over your face.

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This sounds hilarious, but truthfully  cosmetics are nothing but smoke and mirrors, so says the voice of experience.

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