5 Reasons San Francisco Should Maybe Change Its Name to Honor All Sugar Daddies

Home sweet home
Sugardaddie.com, a dating website that pairs flush businessmen with broke babes, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in a truly bizarre fashion -- by trying to get a town to rename itself after the site.

At first, the company was only approaching towns that already had the word "sugar" in their name, such as Sugar Land, Texas. But after getting shot down in the Lone Star State, Sugardaddie.com expanded its wacky business concept to California.

Now, the company is trying to cajole the wealthy town of Woodside down on the Peninsula, to finally do something that will put itself on the map. In exchange for the naming rights of Woodside, Sugardaddie.com is offering the already cash-rich town $11.65 million.

Believe it or not, this proposal is on Woodside's town hall agenda for March 12. We put in a call to town manager Kevin Bryant to find out if the town was seriously considering a new identity. Here's what he told us: "I cannot imagine a scenario where that would be considered." However, he noted that Woodside is obligated to at least hear Sugardaddie out. "It's an open public comment period," he explained. "Anybody could sign up and present."

Since Bryant has already admitted Woodside isn't quite ready for a mid-life crisis, we were thinking/expecting Sugardaddie.com to hit up the one place that is flush with sugar daddies: San Francisco.

Since anything is possible in San Francisco, we went ahead and drummed up some decent reasons for renaming our fair city, Sugardaddie.com, CA:

5. It's only been like two weeks since San Francisco has made national news for doing something stupid and embarrassing, which in itself is stupid and embarrassing.

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