Looking for Something Freaky to Do Saturday? Watch This Guy Swallow a Sword

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We have so many things to say about this, but will refrain
One could argue that National Pancake Day is dangerous -- one too many flapjacks and all that butter could definitely send a healthy person home sick. And National Lollipop Day? You could easily choke on those suckers.

But neither one of those holidays (yes, we observe them both) seem to pose the same risk that World Sword Swallower's Day does -- not that we've tested it.

This holiday is just as it sounds: A bunch of seemingly masochistic people plan to swallow swords on Saturday, including San Francisco's Matthew Bouvier, who will display his talent to resist his gag reflex while shoving a big-ass knife down his throat (leave your comments below).

And you can watch him do it for free.

San Francisco's Ripley's Believe It or Not! is hosting this sword porn at 1:30 p.m. sharp; there will an official "swallow" at 2:23:13 p.m. to coincide with the Feb. 23, 2013 date.

So what's with all the blade downing?

"We established World Sword Swallower's Day to honor this ancient art and recognize the few people in the world who can do this," explains Dan Meyer, a sword swallower. "We also raise awareness of the contributions sword swallowers have made to the fields of medicine and science and raise money for esophageal cancer research."

Now we kinda feel obligated to state the obvious: Don't try this at home. For those of you who are still itching to slide a sword down your throat, Ripley's has been kind enough to create a virtual sword, dubbed (you guessed it) the iSword. Download the Ripley's app and you can take down a blade with a touch of your iPad, danger not included.

"Instructions on how to use the app will be provided at each World Swallower's Day event so we can all swallow together," Ripley's says.

But if you are anything like us, the only thing you will be swallowing on Saturday afternoon is a stack of pancakes and a Bloody Mary.

Also, watch this:

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