Dust Off Your Converse, Dodgeball Season Begins in S.F.

Life is a never-ending dodgeball game
If you were the child loser who either 1. was the last standing when dodgeball teams were selected, or 2. the one everyone tried to peg with the ball (even your own teammates), then here's your chance for clean revenge.

Now's the time to slip on your Mission hipster Converse and make them count. The World Dodgeball Society is bringing the nostalgic social sport back to San Francisco, with its first game of the 10-week season tomorrow night at the Mission Recreation Center.

"Everyone has memories of playing dodgeball as a kid, either fond or not-so-fond," said Michael 'Handsome' Costanza, founder of the World Dodgeball Society. "We want to remind people of a simpler time -- before careers and college -- when the only thing you had to worry about was whether to wear your Air Jordans or Converse with your legwarmers."

The best part of the game is that now nobody cares if you're a loser; recent experience dodging balls is not necessary and newbies can learn the rules in less than 30 seconds. All you need is $5 and enough pent-up frustration to play.

Organizers would like for athletes to register in advance, but you can drop-in, pay your fee and start lobbing balls aimlessly.

When the 45-minunte game is over, instead of going home and crying to your mother about what a loser you are, you can hit the nearest bar with teammates and laugh about it over a few cocktails.

Ah, the joys of being an adult.

Get all the details on the World Dodgeball Society website.

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