Wild Turkeys Running Loose in East Bay Town, Parents Keeping Kids Indoors

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periel via YouTube
A troop of turkeys goes house-hunting in Berkeley
While the suburban residents of Concord try to deal with that wayward camel at commute time, the folks in quiet Albany are battling their own random creatures.

We came across this fun news item this morning from CBS, which explains how a dozen or so wild turkeys are overrunning the small town of Albany with their annoying gobbles, clucks, and cackles. Interestingly enough, the turkey troops showed up after Thanksgiving and have overstayed their welcome.

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Parents are worried these wild birds will try to take on their children (sounds like a Stephen King movie) so they're keeping them safe inside, entertained by video games, no doubt.

Apparently, these birds do not consider themselves Albany residents; the feathered gang was also spotted taking over a Berkeley neighborhood about a month ago.


Actually, residents should be concerned, considering mating season for these wild turkeys has officially begun.

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what kind of parents keep their kids in the house due to turkeys?can't you just tell them not to fuck with the crazy turkeys?

Ari Spanier
Ari Spanier

Too bad this is all happening just outside Jean Quan's jurisdiction


cemetery manager has seen wild turkeys hold their own against coyotes

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