Vernon Davis, Ron Conway, Mayor Lee Team Up for London Breed

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Vernon Davis supports cardigans and Supervisor London Breed
Supervisor London Breed today sent out a most eye-catching invitation to a soiree in her honor. The Feb. 25 event is hosted by, among others, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, Mayor Ed Lee, and Lee's preferred financier, Ron Conway, and held at the house of downtown Democratic pillar Wade Randlett.

That is an eclectic group of people. "Isn't it?" said Breed with a laugh.

This glamorous group is uniting for the rather unglamorous purpose of raising funds so Breed and her staff can buy office supplies. No, really: A tech billionaire, the mayor, and the Niners' top receiver are pitching in to buy pens and couches and coffee grounds.

London Breed
Breed says she reached out to this group of moderate power players individually. Davis, meanwhile is not a political player in this town, just a player. He's also an artist, whom Breed met through her work at the African American Art and Culture Complex and counts as a friend.

Conway, incidentally, maxed out his political contributions to Breed during the race. His role is to coax others to give. We're sure he'll do just fine.

Every year, the supes are allocated $5,000 to pay for these sorts of housekeeping expenses. When supervisors are up for re-election, they are only allowed to spend half of this sum prior to election day. Former Supervisor Christina Olague did just that according to Board Clerk Angela Calvillo. And -- as is par for the course, notes Calvillo -- Breed started out with $2,500 in her account. That's half what veteran supes have to play with. But every incoming supe faces this deficit in their first year.

Every incoming supe, however, didn't throw an elaborate inauguration celebration for the benefit of extended family and friends as did Breed, however. And as anyone who's ever priced a City Hall wedding ceremony knows, that ain't a cheap proposition. Breed tells us the invitations alone cost around $2,000. Between "chairs and lighting and labor -- City Hall union labor" -- Breed thinks she topped $10,000.

Ouch. Maybe she should invest in a tip jar to go along with her office decor.

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Is London Breed the most corrupt supervisor ever?

This past month, on the Budget and Finance Committee, she voted to privatize the Arboretum, handing it over to the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society!

The woman is the WORST ever! Want to bet we get an FBI sting on her in the future? 

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