Valentine's Day Missed Connections: Longshots in Longshot City

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What fools these mortals be
It's a standby of medical dramas for flatlining patients to be wrenched back into the realm of the living during tense defibrillator scenes (Charging! Clear!). In reality, however, only a small percentage of patients given the paddles will survive.

In a related subject, many desperate souls disgorge their ephemeral stories of love and lust on the Craigslist Missed Connections page. But has anyone ever tracked down the object of their desire? Hard to say. This guy won't: "Wells Fargo Hotness -- you were in front of me in a line for two this afternoon. brown hair pulled back, jeans and brown boots. you were looking, as was i, and you are hot."

Yesterday was Valentine's Day -- and if you just realized that while reading those words, we suggest you run out and buy up all the discount flowers and chocolate pronto. Many of the Missed Connections were prefaced with notions of using Valentine's Day as an excuse to do something desperate and likely pointless. But, who knows? We'll reprint a few of our San Francisco favorites and maybe someone's dreams will come true. Charging! Clear!

Lady C:

Dear Lover,
My passion, desire and heart are yours to keep -- I gave them to you freely.
We used to share so much and then you put me on a shelf where I was made to watch you share things with someone else. You have absolutely crushed me. I'm sorry if I pissed you off but I know something that's worse than anger or even hate- apathy. The only desire I have left is to share life with you.

You. Know. Who. I. Am.

Eternally Yours,
The Ghost

The opposite of love isn't hate. It's indifference. You. Know. Who. Said. That? Elie. Wiesel.

Abigail at CCSF:

seeing you every couple of days rocks my world. you are super attractive and maybe towards the end of the semester i will get up the nerve to ask you out...

Maybe he'll get up the nerve? Commitment issues even before the relationship. Sigh.

Hat - grey Toms on bus 21 (w4M):

I was talking about university and my tattoo to someone sitting next to you. You got off as soon as you mentioned the feather technique (scraping)

:) You were adorable looking!

This is what you give up when you start riding a bike around town.

Girl on BART with bike from guy on BART with bike - m4w - 24:

Haven't done this before, but its been on my mind. There was no communication other than an exchange of glances and I couldn't help but smile. CHEEZY. You had a coralish redish orangeish shirt, turquoise bike, black backpack and brown hair. Got on Daly City and headed toward SF. Regretting not making a move.....

You should regret not making a move. Daly City ain't where it's at.

happy valentine's day - m4w:

To the redsox fan. I'm on different schedule now. Missed layin my eyes on you But I dont even know your name

It's Yastrzemski. Be sure to spell it correctly.

The guy at Chieftain - w4m:

I know you were looking at me because I was looking at you. I was on that one barstool. You know the one. You were on another barstool. You know which one.

Someday your prince will come. You know which one

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