Laid-Off Journalist Does Greatest Public Service of All: Brews Unemployed Reporter Beer

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Jon is still offering a good public service
To reflect the "dark and bitter future" of American journalism, a thirsty, unemployed reporter decided to brew his own "dark and bitter" beer.

Former Hartford Advocate writer Jon Campbell is making news with his brew, which is appropriately named Unemployed Reporter -- a mix of chocolate and roasted barley malts with a generous alcohol content to ease the pain.

"I've been brewing beer lately in my free time, entertaining myself by making some very elaborate labels. I sent some pictures to a former colleague a few days ago and all of a sudden, people are asking about my beer," Campbell explains.

Unfortunately, he says, "production has not yet expanded beyond the five-gallon plastic bucket in my closet, so it won't be hitting the market any time soon." (Unless of course, there are any breweries out there that want to license his label).

Per the brewmaster himself:

I'm glad others in this business appreciate a little gallows humor. And while I don't want to discourage any potential employers -- feel free to toss any pity assignments my way -- I am in fact still writing, and even enjoying the freelance life. Granted, the line between "freelance" and "unemployed" is sometimes blurry. But you get the idea.

The beer is good at any hour of the day, meant to to be enjoyed with other unemployed reporters at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all snacks in between.

So cheers to Jon Campbell, for keeping the news fodder and alcohol flowing for your fellow reporters.

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