Prudish Hookup App Helps Facebook Friends Bang With Some Dignity

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Here is a way to bang your Facebook friends without looking like a desperate douchebag.

A new app dubbed TrintMe allows Facebook friends to divulge their true intentions, or "trints," with one another, whether they want to have coffee, build a friendship, or have a budding romance. The selling point to this app, like Bang With Friends, is that you can reveal yourself without the fear of being rejected -- or worse ruining your (Facebook) friendship.

TrintMe is supposed to cater to the the shier and more reserved folks who can use a range of compliment icons to attempt to try to get some action. After downloading the app, you can click on any one of those buttons, which range from "let's hookup" or "you're cool, let's hang out," without losing your self-respect.

Per the website:

Trints are saved on TrintMe waiting to be matched. Matched trints are notified privately. Unmatched trints are not revealed to anyone and are deleted after 30 days.TrintMe does not post your trints on anyone's wall or broadcast them in any way. We notify you and your friend only when a match occurs (when you've set the same trint for each other) and then only the trint that is matched is revealed, and it is only revealed to the two of you privately.

Audrianna Talavera, part of the TrintMe team, explains that while Bang With Friends does offer something more than STDs, TrintMe is a little more chivalrous.

"While I agree that Bang With Friends will fizzle out after the shock value and crass/provocative tone runs dry, Bang With Friends did hit a behavioral chord that we had identified over a year ago when we and our advisors [sic] (Stanford University social psychology professors) noted that people are getting tired of accumulating 'friends' on Facebook when really, the majority of them would like to explore the relationship possibilities and take friendships further quickly and safely," she said.

Or you could just stop being a pussy and ask the person out the good ol' fashioned way: email them.

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