Tim Lincecum Gets His Grown Man On

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The "Dazed and Confused" jokes had a good run.
Tim Lincecum got his grown man on. As the world saw today, Big Time Timmy Jim traded in the shoulder-length mane for the kind of fresh cut you can get for $75 in Nob Hill.

Unfortunately, this means we must retire the "Mitch from Dazed and Confused" jokes. Already new lookalike candidates are popping up, though, with Rachel Maddow and Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the top of the heap.

For some, the cut heard 'round the city might serve as a fitting cap to a profoundly disappointing week: first the Niners lose the Super Bowl, now the most recognizable San Francisco superstar sheds his most recognizable trait?

The hair had served as the perfect symbol for the MiSFits, an embodiment of the laid-back, fun-loving, sunflower-seed-showering, Let-Timmy-Smoke vibe that has defined both the city and its baseball team's recent success.

Alas, San Francisco is changing.

The sleep-on-the-grass, take-your-time, flowers-in-your-hair groove associated with San Francisco is becoming antiquated. A nostalgic relic. In its place, here are young professionals with messenger bags strapped over button-downs with the sleeves rolled up, Macbooks in coffee shops, a constant buzz of instantaneous communication hovering above the sidewalks.

So Tim Lincecum no longer resembles the wide-eyed youngster, fresh off the bus with a green canvas backpack, looking for meaning in the Paris of the West. He is the ambitious prodigy, now, fresh to death as he strolls down the aisle of a Google bus, hungry for success in the Gold Rush 2.0.

Giants fans just have to hope the aesthetic transformation brings a pitching boom, too.

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