Local Porn Stars Shoot Parody Film About S.F. Nudity Ban

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The understudy
Perhaps to the chagrin of Supervisor Scott Wiener, some creative and talented pornographers are giving San Francisco's nudists another shot at being in the spotlight.

San Francisco studio NakedSword has plans to create a gay porn parody of San Francisco's nudity ban, starring who else, but Supervisor Scott Cox.

The camera crews were out and about on Sunday filming scenes from The Cover Up, featuring an on-location nudity ban protest with none other than the notorious naked activist Gypsy Taub. And yes, they did have a permit to film.

"I was really frustrated by the way the [nudity ban] played out," co-writer Conner Habib to told the HuffPo. "The whole thing was pretty ridiculous."

Habib, a writer and porn actor, says he wrote the film with fellow writers and actors Leo Forte and Zachary Sire. On Sunday, the crew shot the most provocative scenes in secret locations. However, they did film the public nudity protest scene right there in the Castro, just like old times.

"The actors and extras were holding these 're-elect Supervisor Scott Cox' signs and people were very confused," Habib said. "Everyone kept saying, 'I thought his name was Scott Wiener.'"

Stay tuned; we'll keep you posted on a release date.

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Mary Littlelamb
Mary Littlelamb

Pay attention. It is a legal to shoot porn without a condom on. Male or female if you go down on a girl on Evo you have to use rubber dam. Or you will be fined.

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