Mother Nature Saves SFPD From Long Night of Planned Protests

Griz415 via YouTube
The cops vs. Kevin Clark
Some 150 people who are really pissed at the police marched through the city's Mission District last night accusing the SFPD of using a little too much force against an 18-year-old San Francisco man.

The protest, which was sparked by a recent YouTube video showing two cops "pushing Kevin Clark into a storm grate," started out just as you expect a protest to start out in the Mission: lots of walking, chanting, anti-cop posters, and lots of police standing by ready for action.

And then the rain fell, washing all protesters away.

According to KTVU, police were geared up and ready for a night of rallies and maybe more; however, the protest came to an abrupt end when the rain started pouring down about 7 p.m. "The crowd started clearing out, which was a relief to police who were ready for a long night," KTVU reports.

In any event, the wet weather didn't wash away the protesters' anger with police; the group has been making some noise, saying "the gentrification of the Mission district is pushing out the working-class communities of color, and the police are increasing their harassment and brutality against the people."

They're using this scene below as the latest example. As you will see, the video shows two cops getting into it with Clark about two weeks ago in the Mission District. However, police have said the officers did nothing wrong -- they were simply trying to apprehend Clark, who had allegedly assaulted someone minutes before the video was taken, according to Sgt. Michael Andraychak.

"Nothing from what I've seen in this video shows anything unreasonable in what the officers did," Andraychak said. "Anyone who commits a violent crime in the presence of two police officers that person needs to be stopped and the incident investigated."

Watch the video, and tell us what you think:

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Never let the facts get in the way of your bias. 


The absence of a quote from anyone other than SFPD, as well as the editorializing tone, significantly weakens this piece. "The video shows two cops getting into to it with Clark..." Actually, the video shows two heavily armed white cops sitting on top of an unarmed black teenager and pushing his face into a sewer as he screams in pain. 


I don't know what happened before the video started (and I would presume neither does anybody else who wasn't there), but this seems like a pretty routine arrest. He was resisting, and they restrained him, with zero excessive force. Now, if I heard that the cops were hassling the guy in the first place for no good reason, I wouldn't be shocked. But nothing on this video is protest-worthy.


The protest was organized and put on by members of A.N.S.W.E.R./Workers World Party..

A Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist organisation , more active in NYC or Seattle.. They see the criminal

classes as a 'potential' revolutionary class ( Communist ) ; I. A. W. the teachings of Josef Stalin.


...I read too fast and missed the bit where the guy apparently assaulted someone. I wonder when the protest march for victims of violent street crimes will be held. Hopefully it won't be on a night when it's drizzling.

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