SPCA Offers Big Reward to Catch the Prick Who Gunned Down Raccoon

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Not the actual raccoon but you get the idea
The animal lovers over at the Peninsula Humane Society are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the animal-hater who shot a raccoon in South San Francisco over the weekend.

The SPCA got a call Sunday morning from a concerned resident who spotted the wild mammal looking dazed and resting its head on a curb near the 700 block of Palm Avenue. The raccoon was rushed to the wildlife center in Burlingame where it was euthanized.

When the animal arrived, vets noted that the female raccoon's coat, skin, and fur were in excellent condition -- a pretty good indication that the raccoon didn't have a prior illness. She also had no other injuries that suggested she had been hit by a car.

"The raccoon was hydrated and had a good body condition, so it had not been doing poorly for much time prior to our involvement," the PHS said in a statement released this afternoon.

X-rays show she was shot
The raccoon was conscious, but did not respond to visual or physical stimuli; she was able to stand briefly before falling flat.

Vets gave the raccoon a sedative and took a closer look before noting she had an injury on her forehead with somewhat fresh blood on it. There was also a fragment of bone that originally looked like a tooth fragment. Sadly, the raccoon was put to sleep after doctors evaluated her behavior and determined time was not on her side.

Vets X-rayed the raccoon after she was put down; the images clearly showed lead pellets -- one in the center of the brain and one in the rear, between the hips.

Needless to say, the PHS is not happy about this, considering this is now the 12th animal that's been shot since December, including two crows and a peregrine falcon.

Anyone with information that could help PHS/SPCA Cruelty Investigators in this case should call (650) 340-7022, ext. 384.

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Lynne Beeson
Lynne Beeson

The prick who shot it. Whose blog is that. I have had racoons in my garage, upper apartment thru a dog door, and being a serious problem. I have also found a coon with an injured eye that was terrifying to my son in our garage. When I called the SPCA, HUMANE SOCIETY and City in SF and asked for a trap I was told it is illegal to trap them the Cities wildlife specialist must do it. I called and never got a return call, called the Board of Supervisors and pitched a fit and the racoon was happily onto another adventure. Rats and coons are a serious problem and with all the urban gardening and compost its a huge problem not well handled. I have sympathy for both the coon and the prick.

Eddie Jordan
Eddie Jordan

I shoot every one of those chicken killen sob's I see!

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