Single Woman Says Dump Valentine's Day and Instead Stuff Your Face at a Nearby Food Truck

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He's got your sweetie pie
If you are single, and starving, today is officially no longer Valentine's Day as you know it -- It's now National Food Truck Date Day.

Jeanna Barrett, a frustrated online dater-turned-S.F.entrepreneur, has rolled out this delicious idea that we all ignore today's lame American holiday forced on us every year and instead declare it the one day where you run around to food trucks, stuff your face, and love it.

Here's how to play:

Valentine's Day leaves couples and singles feeling broke, bored and bummed! So I thought to myself -- why not motivate everyone to change this negative Valentine's Day sentiment around?

I've had a ton of fun with changing MY attitude toward dating by doing low-key and fun Food Truck Dates, so why don't we make February 14th National Food Truck Day instead of V-Day!?

I'm picturing a day where your honey, blind date, friends with benefits, or BFFs can all come together for a little food truck grub and a fun, stress-free time - no more negative Meh Valentine's Day thoughts.

I'm envisioning a big ole fun MOVEMENT. I want to crowdsource dates from across the nation and make one fun little video of it all! It might start out small this year, but then maybe it'll grow and grow ... change starts with one little seed! And I want to change February 14th around for everyone. ♥

Help me out, lovers! I'd love for you to do a quick and dirty, fun and easy, Food Truck Date sometime next week in the name of National Food Truck Date Day!

This date can be with a boyfriend, husband, OKCupid blind date, BFF, friend with benefits - ANYONE you want. All I ask is you send me some sort of media from your date that I can include in your video.

Gorging your face off and licking your fingers without shame seems like the sexiest way to not celebrate Valentine's Day.

Eat that, Cupid!

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Hey thanks for writing about me, Erin! Fun to see some local eyeballs on my project - so I super appreciate the support. National Food Truck Date Day went awesome. We had dates across the nation in Dallas, Portland, Seattle, LA, San Antonio, New York, Atlanta, etc! Bigger than I could have expected, possibly even BIGGER next year. ;) It's been fun to see a change in sentiment with Feb 14th! 


Yo Brian,

I am guessing that you judge your SO by size (just from your crass comment) or do you even have a SO?

Myself, I cook for my best friend and partner. Also pick up to-go food that she enjoys.

Love lasts for a lifetime. Bitterness sours you forever

Gregg M

Seabeck, WA


maybe the reason you are single is you have already been spending too much time at the food truck??

i'm just saying

Stan James
Stan James

Maybe I should hang out at Food trucks...

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