National Day of Unplugging: 5 Things You Can Do Instead of Stalking People on Facebook

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National Day of Unplugging
Just like his grandfather did
If the thought of "unplugging" for an entire day makes you feel empty and useless, that's because you are, thanks to all this ubiquitous technology.

But guess what, on Friday you will have a chance to hop out of your digital vortex and detox from technology for an entire 24 hours for this year's National Day of Unplugging. Can you do it? Obviously, no more constant contact means you will have to find other things to fill your 1,440 minutes without e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, texting, and Tumblr.

We want you to succeed, so here's our suggestions on how you could spend your very free time:

Maurajbo via wikipmedia
Hasn't learned how to write "LOL" yet
5. Try to physically Laugh Out Loud: WTF? We've replaced the actual fun of laughing with three stupid letters that aren't even funny to look at. How about this: Ask someone to tickle you while you let yourself erupt with relief. Repeat exercise.

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Hilarious suggestions, why not start looking at where your going and listening to the birds in the spring it's definitely better then watching Nova.  And instead of almost being hit by a bus, you get to see that incredibly good looking person standing next to you.

Victoria Savage
Victoria Savage

How about a month of unplugging. I like that better.

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