Dancing Naked People to Bait Police and Hopefully Get Arrested

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He does kinda have a ballerina's body
Nudists have taken this whole being-naked-at-all-times thing to a new and musical level; now the naturists want police to come after them with cuffs any time they drop trou in public.

So on Wednesday, notorious nudists Gypsy Taub and George Davis are going to try again to lure the cops by staging a "body freedom dance performance" accompanied by violinist Erik Hoffman. This lewd performance will begin at noon -- admission is free.

The goal is to get the cops to come out and cite them -- or better yet haul them off in handcuffs in a totally non-kinky way -- so that they can bolster their latest claim against the city, saying police are discriminating against them for practicing their First Amendment right to free "speech."

Public nudity has been illegal since Feb. 1 despite the nudists' efforts to reverse this new city law. A federal judge recently ruled that San Francisco has every right to ban public nudity, but has given the naked folks till mid-March to come up with new evidence that this ban is unconstitutional. Once they build a new case, they can resubmit their complaint against the City of San Francisco to the Federal Court.

So here's their latest logic:

As we reported last week, NakedSword filmed a "nudity ban rally" scene for a parody gay porn film called The Cover Up at Jane Warner Plaza. Even though plenty of people were naked at the shoot, nobody was arrested because the filmmakers had a $200 permit from the city to shoot the much-anticipated movie. So come Wednesday, if the nude dancers get arrested because they couldn't afford the permit, it will be a violation of the 14th Amendment (equal protection rights) on top of a violation of the First Amendment, according to the naked people.

And if nobody is cited or arrested? "The body freedom activists will continue having nude dance performances at Jane Warner Plaza on regular basis," the nudists wrote in an e-mail to us. "Come join us! It's going to be FUN as usual!"

So get out there and support the arts.

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