Women, Facebook Users to Protest Mark Zuckerberg Tonight

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A growing legion of politically minded people are upset with Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg -- and for once it's not because of the annoying ticker, crappy ads, or unpopular timeline forced on Facebook users.

This time it's about politics. California activists are traveling to Palo Alto, home of the young, nerdy, rich Zuckerberg, to gather outside his house to protest his first-ever political fundraiser. The political party, which will no doubt raise a shitload of money, is for New Jersey's Gov. Chris Christie -- the Republican presidential wannabe who really wants to gut funding for important women's health organizations, including Planned Parenthood.

According to CREDO, the California-based activist organization leading tonight's protest, more than 58 percent of Facebook users are women, yet Zuckerberg is supporting a candidate who wants to strip funding for women's healthcare.

Christie, who is running for N.J. governor again this year -- and possibly president in 2016 -- defunded Planned Parenthood and cut $7.4 million from women's healthcare, including funding for life-saving cancer screenings, breast health exams, and birth control. The $7.4 million in cuts led to the closure of six women's health clinics in New Jersey.

If you are upset about Republicans trying to ruin women's lives, or maybe you just hate Facebook in general, then head down to the protest at 5:30 p.m. at 1456 Edgewood Ave. in Palo Alto.

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Brown shirt inspired nonsense. Silence and demonize those who you disagree with. Disgusting.


If 300,000,000 million women left Facebook, the advertisers would evaporate, FB's stock would bottom out, and CREDO might even be able to BUY Facebook!

Money is the only thing that will move Z and the only thing that gets FB's attention.  G+ sucks, but it works well enough to teach FB a lesson!  Singing Kumbuyah in front of his house is likely to lull him to sleep.

Now, if they brought some of those naked Castro nutcases along it just might get his attention; FB's fear of breasts and breastfeeding is legendary, as is its fear of ANY human skin.  That Castro crowd is scary enough with clothes ON!  ;-)

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