Leland Yee Has the Best Enemies

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Jim Herd
Leland Yee is getting used to looking over his shoulder...
As noted on this very page, an allegedly unhinged engineer is accused of threatening state Sen. Leland Yee with a makeshift bomb. The San Francisco legislator will address the media shortly, and claim that his legislation attempting to reign in the deadliest of military-style firearms was the impetus for this disturbing incident.

This will play well on the home front. San Franciscans, no doubt, will be pleased that their representative was the one doing things that displeased an alleged violent gun nut. When it comes to siding with the anti-violent gun nut legislator or the alleged violent gun nut, it's safe to say this city will go with the former.

Yee's formidable political skill and ability to jump in front of any cause have taken him a long way. He -- very publicly -- takes on issues that resonate with San Franciscans. But he's also undoubtedly benefited from the repulsive, threatening, and outrageous behavior of some of society's most undesirable sorts.

For example:

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In 2010, Yee spearheaded a crusade to make Cal State Stanislaus reveal how much it was paying speaker Sarah Palin (Answer: $75,000, deluxe accommodations, and bendy straws). University-affiliated officials shredded paperwork they'd denied existed -- which elicited a Yee press conference. That move led to a slew of racist, xenophobic hate mail from fanatical Palin supporters -- and elicited a Yee press conference.

In 2011, Yee stated that Rush Limbaugh owed everyone an apology for mocking the Chinese language. This resulted in a predictably uncivil response from fanatical Limbaugh supporters -- and elicited a Yee press offensive.

And now this -- and a Yee press conference.

Yee has thrown in for next year's secretary of state race. On a crassly political level, will this help?

"It gets his name in the paper. But how does he leverage this quick little notoriety pulse into something else?" asks political strategist and University of San Francisco lecturer David Latterman. "I don't think this is gonna jack up his name recognition outside of" the Bay Area.

On the other hand, it's a long time until 2014. You never know what monster will come after Yee next.

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red.marcy.rand topcommenter

Yee is the worst statist-collectivist and the stupidest member of the legislature. He is a walking advertisement for stricter term limits. Joe, the last syllable of your surname fits your Communational Socialist philosophy to the proverbial T. 

People, read The Bias Against Guns by Chicago Prof John R. Lott.

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