Katy Tang -- the Safe and Obvious Choice -- Tabbed to Succeed Supervisor Carmen Chu

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Joe Eskenazi
Katy Tang, local woman made good
In his own way, Mayor Ed Lee is a bit like Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz. After a couple of disastrous political appointments, he opted to stick to his own backyard, appointing Supervisor Carmen Chu to replace Phil Ting as Assessor-Recorder -- and, today, appointing Chu aide Katy Tang to succeed Chu.

Or, as Gale put it, "if I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own backyard; because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with."

The pressing question isn't why Lee chose Chu and Tang -- these are the safe, solid, and obvious choices. It's why he took so long. Folks we spoke with in City Hall have no idea.

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"We're out of the woods, we're out of the woods, we're out of the woods..."
"I just don't understand the mayor's decision-making process," said one City Hall denizen. This was repeated to us several different times in several different ways.

In his speech today, Lee mentioned undertaking a great deal of outreach to the District 4 community -- which emphasized a desire for "continuity." That certainly sounds like District 4, a highly residential and none-too-flashy locale where people are more concerned about quality-of-life issues than the values people who use the term "San Francisco Values" assign to that phrase.

In promoting Chu's 29-year-old aide, a lifelong resident of the district and Lowell grad, it seems likely Lee will please her constituents. "Katy is smart. She is cautious. And she will be conservative -- not politically conservative, but she won't be making bold moves. Her district will appreciate that," predicts one City Hall politico. "She'll be elected in November, and re-elected next November."

There were plenty of political overtones woven into this appointment -- choose a mom! Choose Rose Pak's underling! In the end, however, Lee appointed a twentysomething Asian woman with solid financial credentials to replace the Asian woman who was appointed to the board as a twentysomething with solid financial credentials.

Toward the tail end of this morning's ceremony, Lee noted that both Chu and Tang will be sworn in Wednesday -- "in haste" so as to get on with the city's pressing business.

Apparently, now he's in a hurry.

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rmajora topcommenter

"Safe" as in political cipher who will keep her head down, never say or do anything on policy to upset the city Family, and then move on to higher office and repeat that behavior, as per the example set by Fiona Ma and Carmen Chu.

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