Don't Forget the Gold Dust Lounge Opens Tonight

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Get your drink on!
While Mayor Ed Lee is asking everyone to not indulge in hard alcohol this weekend, he'll be at a bar himself, cutting the ribbon for one of the city's most famous watering holes: the Gold Dust Lounge.

That's right: Your long-awaited chance to imbibe at the eccentric bar has arrived.

After the mayor et al. perform their dog-and-pony show at 4 p.m., the bar will open to the general public drunks. Inside, you will find the usual suspects: Herb Caen's famous barstool, those red velvet booths, Johnny Z and the Camaros, and all the same bartenders pouring your drinks.

"It's got the same vibe, it feels like the old Gold Dust, except it has that new bar smell -- it doesn't stink," said Lee Houskeeper, spokesman for the bar.

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This is where you come in. Cancel your plans tonight, and head down to 165 Jefferson St. at 7 p.m. Grab a seat at the bar, order a tray of shots, and do your part to revive that musky, old bar stench that'll make us all feel right at home.

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Christopher Victorio
Christopher Victorio

There better not be any mixologists there because I only tip bartenders.

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