Gay Couple Is So Convincing Even Fox News Thought Their Love Was Real

Best Fox News Faux Pas Ever
Here's something that should shake any doubts you have about that whole Fox News being a "credible source" thing.

The conservative news station ran a story the other day with its usual babble about how women should stop being so confused, make peace with themselves, and find a man to marry so that conservatives can stop worrying about gay marriage. The story made complete sense -- for a Fox News diatribe -- until, of course, you glance at the accompanying photo, which was of a kissing couple wedded atop the Empire State Building.

Unbeknownst to Fox News, that happy couple were Stephanie and Lela Figarelle -- two lesbians!


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We love a good Fox News Faux Pas, but this one seems to be more than just a busy editor overlooking the content going up online. Could it be that this gay love above is so picture-perfect, so exactly like straight love, that somehow it managed to slip past the daggers of homophobic, paranoid editors at Fox News?

The answer is yes.

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