Baby Alligator Found Possibly Guarding Marijuana Stash in Bay Area Home

Solano County Sheriff's Department
Why is his mouth taped shut like he's some sort of snitch?
There's nothing we enjoy more than a good drug bust, especially if it involves alligators and other marijuana-loving reptiles.

For the second time this year, police in the Bay Area came across agitated reptiles that were apparently in charge of guarding drugs.

We read the latest story on CBS News, which explained that Fairfield police went to the home of William and Lori Riley after stopping the couple and discovering 50 pounds of marijuana and a gun inside the car. While searching their Begonia Boulevard home, the cops found just what they were looking for -- and some of what they weren't.

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Amid the shitloads of marijuana, cash and guns sat a 3-foot-long baby alligator, whose identity has not been released.

Both the Rileys were booked into the Solano County Jail on charges of transportation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, and weapons charges.

No word on whether the baby gator was a family pet or just an indentured servant forced into the drug trade. What we can tell you is that the animal has since been turned over to the kind folks at the Solano Zoo, who promise to take good care of him.

We'll keep you posted with any more news on the ganja-loving gator.

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where the hell is "solano zoo"? or did you just mean all of solano county?


if you were forced to live in fairfield you might be upset also

Lik Roper
Lik Roper

i hope it's healthy at least; unlike the other one...

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