Crishtian Hughes: SoCal Family Searches for Man Missing in S.F.

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via Help Find Crishtian Hughes Facebook Page
Crishtian Hughes
A San Diego family is asking for your help in finding 20-year-old Crishtian Hughes who traveled to San Francisco earlier this month and has been missing since.

According to a Facebook page, Hughes' mother, Kim Nepote, says she dropped him off at the San Diego International Airport on Feb. 4 where he caught a flight bound for San Francisco. Hughes was planning to visit a friend and return Feb. 7 at 2:30 p.m.

Hughes never came home, and his mother has been unable to contact him.

His mother left the following message on a Facebook page she started in hopes of locating her son:

After he arrived [in San Francisco], I spoke to him briefly and he assured me he had arrived safe, and would be returning home Thursday February 7th around 2:30 pm. we said we loved each other and said our goodbyes and hung up. I haven't talked or seen him since. When Thursday arrived I had noticed that he hadn't called, so I called him. It went straight to his Voicemail. I didnt think much of it, at that point, Then On Friday The 8th, I woke up and tried calling him again. still, straight to voicemail. I then called My sister Chelsea Denton, because she also resides In the San Francisco area. She said she hadn't seen him since Tuesday when she had given him $70. I spent most of the day trying to get phone numbers to locate my sons friends he had been with. It was a failure. Later on that afternoon I had a knock at my door. It was the San Diego Police Department asking If my son Christian was home. I said no, and right then, I knew something was wrong. One of the Boys who my son had been Visiting had called the SF police department because he was concerned whether or not my son had made it home safely. It turns out that sometime between the hours Of 1am and 10 am, My son had packed all his things and left. But the part that I am trying to figure out is why. Why would he get up in the middle of the night in a city with no car when his friends were at home and was his ride to the airport. Now The part that Is even more confusing. I automatically called The Virgin America Airline to see if he had even made it on the flight. Their response? I'm sorry ma'am. we cannot give you that information. Now I'm really freaking out. I went to get his Phone records to see if maybe there was a number I could use to find him. Nothing. The last text message he sent was at 1:18 am on Wednesday night, and then no activity whatsoever. its like he has just disappeared into thin air.

San Francisco Police Officer Albie Esparza tells us that there is an open missing persons case for Hughes; however, there's "nothing to indicate foul play," he said.

Friends and family members formed search parties this weekend, where they combed the streets of San Francisco looking for Hughes, who was seen in San Francisco the night before he was supposed to leave. A friend told his mother that Hughes had packed his bags and left, according to a San Diego news station.

Nepote had this message for her son: "Call your mom, please. I'm worried sick. I miss you terribly. I just need to hear that you're okay. I love you."

If you have seen Hughes please call 911.

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My heart goes out to this young mans family and sincerely hope that he has not been harmed or harmed himself.  Many years ago when I arrived in San Francisco at his age,  I made some unwise choices concerning people I thought I could trust.  

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