Cops Seize Mom's Kids and Car Because of Her Medical Marijuana

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We'll take those
Would you like nightmares, or at least some extreme discomfort? Take a listen to the sound of Daisy Bram, a Butte County mother, when Child Protective Services took her children away on Sept. 29, 2011.

Would you like to be outraged, or at least wonder what the hell happened? The kids were taken following a Sept. 7, 2011, "compliance check" on Bram's small medical marijuana garden. She says sheriff's deputies told her all were well; authorities were back in three weeks to take her children.

Could it get worse? It did this week.
When Bram drove to a court appearance to convince the state to return her children, cops seized her car. No kids, no car -- all because of medical cannabis.

Bram and her husband were charged with child endangerment and manufacturing marijuana for sale not once, but twice -- for breastfeeding her children while testing positive for marijuana. That was in Butte County, where the local district attorney saw fit to refile charges in 2012 after charges from the 2011 raid were dropped.

The couple did have a fair bit of marijuana at their home in Concow, in rural Butte County near Oroville (aka the methiest of meth country), and they're not making it easy on themselves: Bram has an "oral" doctor's recommendation from a doctor who has since died. Her lawyer is arguing that recommendations don't expire.

Still, keep in mind this was a medical marijuana garden "compliance check" -- which the couple passed -- that led to all this. In other words, marijuana plus children are high on the cops' radar in meth country.

The couple moved to Red Bluff in Tehama County. The kids were returned. Things were great. But then on Jan. 24, Butte County authorities paid them another visit, and again took 16-month-old Zeus and 2-and-a-half-month-old Thor.

Then on Tuesday, when Bram drove to a court hearing to attempt to get her children back from their second bout in foster care, authorities seized her 2002 Ford Explorer. While she was in court, no less. Authorities informed Bram that the car was purchased with drug proceeds, which allowed the government to take it.

"It just feels like a witch hunt, no matter what we do or where we go," Bram told reporters.

This is the couple's third time through the wringer for charges from the Sept. 2011 raid, and the second time the kids have been taken away. Drugs will indeed ruin your life, whether it's the drugs themselves or the accompanying "welfare checks" from John Law.

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Maybe these super cops should focus more on the %107 increase and %40 percent higher than the National average, instead of focusing on the Kingpins they caught. Stupid, waste of time and tax payers money.


That meth video is funny but I cannot find any sources online that the Concow Area of Butte that these kids were pulled from has any meth. It is just a stereotype of the region.


While murderers and psychotic meth dealers run rampant these cops harass an innocent family. Are there ANY cops left with pride, ethics, or honor? Decriminalize medcial marijuana and make meth the priority.


What a waste of everyone's time and money. When will the feds back down on pot? Billions of dollars wasted and millions of people in jail,  in my opinion, the war on drugs is one of the biggest political and social failures in U.S. history. Thanks a lot Harry Anslinger. 

There may be some back story on this that I'm unaware of,(perhaps she was growing more than the 6 mature or 12 immature plants that medical patients are allowed to grow)  but based on this story, it appears this woman's car and children were taken for no apparent reason.  Child endangerment from breast milk with traces of TCH? Please. She was operating within her medical and legal rights to grow her own medical marijuana . Sounds like an abuse of power to me.  

Legalize pot. Free up our prisons. Let the police go after actual criminals, stop wasting money... in fact make money! We're talking about tens of millions of dollars in potential revenue. End the war. Everyone wins. 

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